Thursday, December 30, 2010

hey normal day

I think this is so absolutely true.
When I studied/worked abroad I religiously kept a journal. Every single day. I had to document every moment because here I was in this amazing city and even if it was a 'normal' day it was not a normal day.

I'm grateful I did that but I chastise myself for not living that way every day now. These 'normal' days someday will not be normal and I will look back and not remember so many of them. Or I'll wish for their simplicity and worry I didn't appreciate each one enough.

Why do we let normal days fall away?


Easley said...

Well said! I was just thinking about this the other day. How am I going to make TODAY memorable???

kate said...

So true. Great post. I have kept a journal my whole life. Some day I hope to give them to my future kids along with items I have packed away throughout the years. The normal days are what make up our lives.

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Rhianne said...

oh I love this, I definitely needed to read this today as today is back to the grind and normal days :)

wall art said...

What a brilliant mantra, love this.