Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the light at the end of the project

After weeks of stripping wallpaper and repairing/sealing walls (when I wasn't living at the office) we are finally ready to have the walls skim-coated on our current project (see more about the process on our last project, the dining room before and after!)

What this means is that we will finally be able to start painting and putting this room back together! Some of the images I've been saving for inspiration...
These chairs are amazing. I just want one tucked in the corner with the perfect lamp. On the lookout for an old pieces that could be refinished (Sophie Maillot-Juillet via Desire to Inpsire.) On the right, I really like the collection of artwork on the dark background - but set off by the crisp white trim (Canadian House and Home via Delight by Design.)
The image on the left is my #1 for inspiration in this room. The wall color is perfection and I love the color of the wood furniture against it - definitely looking for ways to incorporate it (French by Design via Simply Seductive.) The right image is just a fun collection of colors and sets a fun mood (The Decorista via gabby, she wrote.)

Can't wait to get moving on this one! I promise to post photos when finished...

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