Sunday, January 23, 2011


Then I was somewhere else, and it was bright.

A voice said "If you'd carried on practicing that song you almost got right, you would've been great. Bigger than the Beatles."

It continued "If you'd carried on working on that book you almost finished, it would've changed the lives of many, many people."

Then it said "If you'd tried to reach the one you loved just a little bit more, when you almost had them, your life would've been completely different."

And I asked "Is this what happens when I die?"

And the voice said "Almost."

-I Wrote This For You

I have this saved in my favorites and I've probably read it 68 times. And I'm still not sure I get it. But it fascinates/haunts me and I just can't shake it. Like it's strongly triggering something in me but my brain isn't quite grabbing what it's triggering. Thoughts?

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Bryce and Brittany said...

The beginning to me makes me think of not giving up. Keep practicing, keep working, keep reaching... kind of like life, in a way. You are always just going, going, searching and reaching for that next thing.

But the end I'm not sure either. You think when you die, it's over. but maybe not?

ps. I made our blog private. I'd love for you to come back! I miss your nice comments ;)

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