Monday, January 10, 2011

in january

Quiet little things to remember the normal days.
I'm addicted to pomegranates.
In our snowy drive to work this morning I made up a story about Harlow meeting a dinosaur for my driver (aka my husband.)
Such a little model. Her tshirt looks very 80s.
Weekend breakfasts are our new favorite thing. Lots of tea required (notice we don't eat the same thing. Except when I steal bites of hashbrowns off of his plate)


Linka said...

I love your photos! I make up stories for the husband as well--gotta love it!

amber said...

i LOVE pomegranates and almost anything pomegranate flavored too!

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Kitty Stampede said...

cute...all of the photos, even the breakfast healthy cutie you. mmmm....hashbrowns.