Tuesday, February 22, 2011

gramercy lights

The Gramercy Park Hotel was one of my favorite places to visit when we were in NYC last year. We had a cocktail at the bar one afternoon just so we could check out the space (there was an Oscar-nominated actress sitting at the table next to us which kind of upped the glam factor!) Design Love Fest had a great post about the hotel and reminded me of some of the fabulous interior details - especially the gorgeous field of light bulbs.


♥ CheChe said...

wow. It's pretty funny how as I clicked over to the DESIGN LOVE FEST blog that the thought suddenly rose in my head that "her blog is such overwhelming simplicity". In regards to the photo display and text that is usually accompanied with it. So I wandered over and looked at the DESIGN LOVE FEST blog and then automatically clicked "FOLLOW" because..well.. duh. Then I came back here to comment and at the top right of your page "this is a place to be happily overwhelmed". I was almost scared, did she know I said this? Did she just add this? What in the world?

Just thought I'd share. :)


simply said...

What a wonderful post, thanks a lot.