Saturday, August 6, 2011

backyard wedding

Well hello there. I may have accidentally just taken a two month blogging break. Oopsadaisy.
But now I'm back, all refreshed with lots to share. Backyard wedding? You bet. Tiny magical fairy resort created out of found objects on the beach? On it. Insanely bigger-than-I-expected-completely-draining kitchen renovation? Oh nelly, got it.

Let's start at the very beginning. Which, according to Julie Andrews, is a very good place to start.

You might remember back in October my sister got married in Northern Michigan. It was a small ceremony with a few family members by the beach. This June they had a backyard reception to celebrate with all of their friends and family. We had so much fun dancing the night away under the lights, surrounded by trees on a perfect evening. Once again I got to try my hand at a little flower arranging...
We used lots of roses and craspedia with stock, rosemary, larkspur, bupleurum and lavender. My sister collected a crazy amount of blue glass bottles and jars for the flowers and candles. She also gathered vintage/thrifted plates for dinner which I loved - way more fun than plain white rented plates, more friendly on the environment than paper and added a fun eclectic element to the tables. 
This is my sister and her husband's pony dog. He insisted on sticking with them throughout the evening, even laying down in the grass beside them during the first dance.
It was an amazing evening and a great celebration of their relationship! Awesome way to start the summer.


Anonymous said...

Wow - beautiful pics!
And wow the dog is big!
Welsome back to blogging - I took a little break too - accidently after moving house! xxx

Meghan said...

What a beautiful day! I love the flowers! And the pony, of course!

Welcome back!

Kirby said...

beautiful job on the flowers! are you going to be in Minnesota in a few weeks... j/k!


rachel rianne said...

so glad you're back to blogging! i love the blue mason jars and the vintage plate ideas. it looks like a beautiful wedding.