Sunday, March 18, 2012


Random shots from the (incredibly warm) weekend...

This light is in our entry. I've never loved it - always just a little dingy and Victorian-in-a-frilly-way to me. Alas, I went to change a few of the bulbs and realized that of the 12 bulbs (12!) there were all different colors, wattages and types. There was also an incredible layer of grime covering all of the glass petals. This wasn't dust. This was so. much. bleh. I took the entire thing apart and cleaned every part and piece, replaced all of the bulbs with matching wattages, colors etc... And voila, a light that while still is a little frilly, looks pretty damn snazzy. Poor thing just needed a little TLC.
After successfully keeping five (five!) succulents alive for almost a year, I decided it was time to expand the garden to our kitchen and potted these three pretty ladies. Cross your fingers, kids.
Mmm artichoke.
Got a little 'when in Rome' on Saturday and grabbed a Guinness. I'll stick to the Boulevard Wheat or cider in the future. Don't mess with perfection.
We went to the Kansas City St.Pats parade and happened to notice a new Japanese restaurant in Westport - Sama Zama. After our trip last fall we have been craving some of our Japanese favorites and were pretty excited to see some of those items on the menu! So excited that we ditched our Irish spirit for an hour and popped in for an amazing lunch. They had okonomiyaki (before and after shots above.) It was fabulous. .

How was your weekend?


Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

That fixture is GORGE!! How great to discover that all it needed was a little love.

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