Tuesday, January 8, 2008


3191 might be the neatest blog I have ever come across. One morning in 2006 two friends each took a photograph of their breakfast table, and it started a project that has gone on ever since. They each take a photo, not previously discussed, every morning and post them together. They live 3191 miles apart.

I just love this. It makes me think of my best friend and what we would do if we had our own little site like this. We live 1216 miles apart.

It also makes me think that this is something my mom and her sister might have done. Except th my aunt is a photographerat, so you'd always be able to tell which one was hers:-)


BrittanyM said...

Hey its Brittany, (knottiebrittanymichelle). I think that this is such a cute idea. We move around alot so this would be fun to do with our friends.

Em said...

Hi friend! I love it. We should do it just as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera... I'm still working with disposables at the moment.

I've been missing you a lot lately, and wish that we could just meet up for an afternoon. It feels like we both have a lot to catch each other up on. Maybe a daily photo like the one mentioned would help us both feel a little closer.