Wednesday, April 23, 2008

antm roundup

Ok so I can't post their photos because they did those commercials. The worst commercials ever. I'm sorry, but it was time for Lauren. I liked her, I really did - but you knew it was coming. She's gorgeous - but she can't walk and she didn't even try this week!

As for the remaining five...Anya is growing on me. I still don't get how an accent like that comes from Hawaii, but whatever-shes fun! Katarzyna is still my favorite, I'm glad she's speaking up a little bit. Whitney...I still like her- and think she's beautiful, but she does need to tone down the beauty queen though. Fatima's shoulders creep me out. I'm just saying. And Dominique (why do I always want to call her Danielle?), mylanta, I just don't get how she's still there.

Only a few more weeks!


A Windy City Wedding said...

oh drag queen dominique! yeah she is crazy why is she still there? i was sooooo sad about lauren, you are right, she can probably make a career in photos but ANTM has to be all perky and do commercials and appearances what not. you can always tell who is going home now because they focus in on what they are saying and doing so much more than the others. i guess i will root for whitney, she is fakey though and her real personality is totally b***hy!

Anonymous said...

when you said danielle did you mean dominque?