Monday, April 21, 2008

interesting motivation

Is anyone else motivated by writing/typing things out and having them in front of you? When I was 11 my dad took me to climb Mt.Democrat in the Rockies. I hated it. I whined the entire time until about 2/3 up I sat down and refused to go any farther. My dad tried just about everything to convince me to keep going. Then he told me I got to sign my name in a notebook at the top of the mountain. He had to hustle to keep up the rest of the way.
I like lists, it means you get to cross things off. My planner (especially during this planning process) has become the bible to me. Any mistakes? Whiteout please.

Anywho - my point. I, like most people, struggle to eat healthy and keep in shape - tone up. And with the wedding a few weeks away I'm feeling the pressure. Last week I joined The Daily Plate. It contains a food diary. You can look up anything and everything you eat and it will put in all of the information - along with give you daily percentages and show you the proportions of fat/carbs/protein. You can also input exercise. Its pretty fun. And I've become kind of addicted. The most motivating thing about going to the gym tonight? Knowing I would get to come home and put it into the website.

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