Tuesday, April 22, 2008

nellyfertado batman

It wasn't when I sent the program to Fiance or my sister to proofread. It wasn't when I read over it one last time before giving the Kinkos guy the go-ahead. It wasn't when I sat carefully triming all four sides of each one of the 90 copies. It was when I went to fold the very first one and insert it into its perfect little cover that I found it. A typo.
I'm over it. And I'm not fixing it. I'm just going to cross my fingers that no one notices.
photo from here.


katie the lady said...

eh.. no one will notice. I'm sure they are gorgeous

Meg said...

Could be worse... in the "in memory of" section of my cousins invite they somehow put TOTALLY THE WRONG first name for my grandmother. That people noticed. This, you'll be fine! Unless you put the wrong first name for yourself or something ;)

Also, I know people who printed the wrong year on their wedding invites. Sad. (And confusing).

You? Fine!

Anonymous said...

Hey there-
So after reading this I went back to the e-mail and looked at the program again, and again, and again, and again then I finally thought that maybe I had possibly found the typo and I had to open microsoft word to type it in to see if it was infact spelled wrong. I love you and I honestly don't think a single person will notice (unless they bring along a laptop and spell check every word).