Tuesday, April 22, 2008

vanities girls

There's quite the trend out there among the wedding world to take 'boudoir photos' as a gift for your fiance. I go back and forth on this one - I can see why its fun, but I can also see it being something you spend a lot of money on, he sees it once and then it gets put into some cabinet until you find it someday and get kind of bummed that you used to look like that.

That being said, A Windy City Wedding first mentioned the Vanities Girls by Vanity Fair and I think they are fabulous. This I can see being so much fun - grab a couple of friends and get dressed up for a photo shoot like this? Tasteful, colorful pin-up style.

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A Windy City Wedding said...

thanks for the link! i can not wait to antm tonight, go lauren and kataryzana (no idea how to spell that)!