Tuesday, April 29, 2008

to video or not to video

From day one, having a videographer at the wedding was not a debate for Fiance and I - we didn't need one. I can't picture us sitting down to watch it, and I kind of liked the idea that everything I remembered was my own whirlwind memory. Throughout the process however, we have started questioning our decision. Mostly for the ceremony. The music is something we've worked really hard on, especially for the processional...which I'll be another room for the majority of and won't even get to hear! And I do like the idea of being able to watch our ceremony again someday. So now, with weeks to go, we're starting to think hardcore about this. Since it is so late in the game, options are limited (availability wise and never-was-in-the-budget wise) but we've talked to a few videographers that are just starting out (via craigslist etc) and there's a few possibilities out there.
So I created my first poll, and I'd love to hear what you think. If you had one at your wedding, do you watch it? Was it worth the money? Or would it have been better spent elsewhere? DId you decide not to have one and now regret it?
OK UPDATE: you sold me anonymous! I can't believe I hadn't thought along those lines. There's a chance my grandparents aren't going to be able to attend the wedding. How great would it be to send them a dvd? Now I'm kicking myself for not making this decision earlier instead of going back and forth. I contacted one videographer this morning and he's sending over some samples. Thanks!
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Jamie said...

I don't regret not having a videographer much for the same reasons you discussed. But, I wish we had had a family member or friend record the ceremony. Our officiant created such a beautiful, personal, and touching ceremony that I remember my jaw dropping as she was talking--I would love to have a transcript of it or to be able to show our kids someday...I just have to try and remember it.

Anonymous said...

We were much like you in the respect that from day one we said we didn't want a videographer. We just thought this was an expense that wasn't necessary, since we would have the pictures to document the whole day. But towards the end of the process we decided we would really love to have our ceremony on video. This is the one part of the day that meant the most to us - the moment when we were actually declared husband and wife. We ended up paying a family friend (our priest's son) who is in film school to record just the ceremony. Best decision ever. Now it wasn't the most professional video ever, but it only cost us a few hundred dollars and was well worth the extra expenditure to be able to see it all over again. When your wedding is all over, there is this part of you that misses all the chaos of planning a wedding, so being able to watch your ceremony (which is such a whirlwind!) is such a blessing. We knew the party would be great, but that wasn't the part of the day that meant the most to us, it was the part where all our family and friends watched us take our vows that we wanted to be able to see again. We have several copies and were even able to send one to my husband's brother, who missed the wedding since he is a soldier in Iraq. So I say go for it! You will be so happy you did.

katie the lady said...

humm.. I'm in the same boat. I cry when I see the samples of video shot on super 8, but I just can't see spending the money on it AND I am pretty camera shy. I think I will ask my aunt or cousin to bring their mini dv just to have a record of the ceremony. But if magically a super 8 camera showed up, I would be so stoked..

Anonymous said...

SOO glad I was able to convince you! Trust me it's well worth it and you don't have to spend a fortune to have the video of your ceremony. It's just nice to be able to look back on that moment when you actually became husband and wife! And to be able to share it with those that couldn't make it. While my husband's brother wasn't there (and he was our best man:() he was there in spirit. Our priest even said something about him in the ceremony that was really touching and made us feel like he was a part of the day despite his absence. Just being able to share it with him made us feel a little better and I think it cheered him up to to know that he was still a huge part of our day.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I have told you my opinion. We had a professional videographer, even though he was less than ideal I was so grateful I had him and other family members taking video. There were so many things I wasn't there for and many more that were so funny or touching that I could watch a million times. No matter the cost, you will never be sorry you did it.

Love Jill

Anonymous said...

Good choice sister of mine.
As I am not married and never have been I don't really get a 'vote' but still I am with anonymous and Jill on this one.
Love you!
The Sister