Thursday, May 1, 2008

antm roundup

What a bummer! I'm so disappointed Katarzyna got kicked off. But I'll totally admit her photo was the weakest. I absolutely loooooved the photo shoot in general though! The hair and outfits were fabulous! Anya and Fatima's photos were my favorite. Dominiques was good, but I just can't get over her personality - just sooo cocky! Anya overall just seems like the best - from posing, photographs and personality. But I'm bummed about Katarzyna, I really liked her!


A Windy City Wedding said...

I am totally team Whitney and then Anya. Dominique is super annoying and then Fatima is kind of an egotistical brat. It would be so cool if Whitney won and I could almost seeing it happening since Tyra has been all over this love your body kick.

Uncle Beefy said...

Oh Alissa! I was SO thinking about you last Wednesday as I knew you'd be really disappointed. I think she'll still do fine as she is such a beautiful woman and her walk is fantastic! Anya's voice is almost more than I can tolerate but I do think she does a great job and I love the upbeat, non-competitive way about her. We'll see...????

Laura Ryan Photography said...

I have to agree also.. that episode did have sweet pics.. and yes Tyra was right about studio lighting.. it makes me nervous to :)
But really the editing on these photos are amazing..