Monday, June 9, 2008

flor tile

So I'm a little jealous that so many of my fellow interior designers are in Chicago for NeoCon this week - seeing all the new fabulous things, the fun showrooms (and ok, the great parties!) so in the spirit, I wanted to share an interiors product that I really like. Even though I don't do residential design, I love how this product has crossed over into residential and works so perfectly.

This is Interface FLOR modular carpet tile. I love the idea that you could make an area rug (or carpet the whole room) and its so flexible to change. Plus if you ever move you can just take it with you! Husband and I have two of these rugs, made up of 6 tiles each (he picked them out before we ever met - what taste!) and we really like them!
And if your cat throws up on one tile some night after eating too fast, you can just switch that tile with the one under the coffee table. Speaking from experience...

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