Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So we're almost there. I bought a new laptop tonight - only I bought it alissa style. See when I'm going to make a big purchase I do a ton of research and fret about it for a few days until I know exactly what I want. I march into that store...and then buy something else. Something I know nothing about and typically regret later. Which is what I did tonight, only to come home, jump on Husband's computer to discover all sorts of bad reviews etc about the one I want. BUT I havent taken it out of the box. Soooo we'll get there eventually...I'm actually still trying to get the old guy crankin...come on fella!

Anyway I'm excited to get back to posting - I have all sorts of love to share. In the past couple days I have...
-watched 2378 hours of olympics - completely obsessed
-had a party (ill share recipes and playlists)
-received a necklace from a fabulous jewelry designer
-gotten really excited every time a commercial for the new Kath and Kim show came on

For now, I'm going to watch Project Runway. I promise to be back to normal soon!

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BrittanyM said...

Hey. That happens to me all the time. I always regret buying something even after I have thought about it for days. I am so indecisive. Oh well. It will all work out! Yeah I am actually watching the Olympics now. Husband had to work tonight so it gives me a chance to watch it. Cant wait to see the necklace!!