Sunday, August 10, 2008

thats fabulous computer

Dear Computer,
its been a few days since our last little discussion. We had your whole update fiasco...and now you've decided my wireless card no longer exists and you refuse to be a part of the internet. To each their own I suppose, but you have to understand this is a little annoying for me.
I hope you start working again. Please.
In the meantime I'm shopping for laptops - yeah that's right. So shape up or ship out.

To posts might be a little sparse this week considering I'm at the mercy of whoever's computer I can steal a few minutes on. If you have any laptop recommendations - feel free to send them my way. I love Macs - but mostly work on PCs so I'm really not sure which direction to start in. I'm pretty sure my current laptop weighs about 17 lbs so really anything smaller than that will feel light and airy. I do a lot of graphic work so it needs to be a computer that loves all of those Adobe programs...I'm open to ideas. Please help.

Did you hear that Computer? That's how serious I am.


BrittanyM said...

Hey. I know how that goes! I got a new pc last October. My dad actually got me an HP Pavillion. I am not sure which one, but I have all the Adobe programs and they all work just fine. I know its not the most fancy and up to date computer, but it works just perfect for me. My friend got a brand new Mac, and she loves it. But she just started to have problems with it and its only 3 months old. Sorry not much help! Goodluck!

jballashaw said...

Losing drivers is a precusor to a me, I crash my hard drive every 18mos. BACK UP EVERYTHING now before its too late.

Buy a DELL, all the computer geeks insist on them

Guilty Secret said...

If you can afford to, definitely go Mac.

Once Mac, never back.

Good luck!

Ms. 122 said...

eek! everyone's computers are dying. i'm a big mac fan, but today for some reason it's deciding to keep trying to eject a CD, even though there isn't one in it. awesome.

also, just wanted to let you know that you're up on 122rollcall :)