Tuesday, August 26, 2008

thoughts on love & poo

Today a friend was telling me that lately every time she puts her two year old down for a nap he immediately takes off his diaper and poops in his bed. Then he yells "momma...poopoo"

So my initial thought is 'omg...so I'm not ready to have kids.'

But then I'm at home tonight cleaning Grace's litterbox and I'm like 'you know Grace's poo doesn't really bother me. I love her a lot and I understand that she just has to go you know? That's just how things work.'
It was a real revelation I'm telling you.

Also, then I was vacuuming and totally sucked a fly up with the hose- as it was flying by. How quick am I? That's some freaking aim.


Amanda said...

Litter Box Philosophy. I love it! If only I could look at cleaning up after my fiance that way. You know, "I love him, and I understand that he is incapable of putting empty glasses in the sink...". :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

yes, love really does make you do some crazy things-- like continue to forgive your husband for putting wet towels in the hamper with dry clothes.

TAB Photographic said...

It's your damn ninja skills coming out, just don't vacuum me up... And I just think that kid has found a way to have his mom come right back in...