Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm on the road for work - nothing exciting to report.
On the way to the airport theres this girl driving in front of us. And she has one of those Christian fish symbols on the back of her car-cool. Anyway the person driving our car was probably riding a little close to the back of her car- but then we go to pass her and she sticks her arm out the window and flips us off.
I'm not judging - cause my Husband says I am flip-off happy when I drive. You cross me, I let you know. But the fish and the flipping off - somehow didnt fit.
I dont know, that's seriously the most interesting thing that happened today so I'm sharing.

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Amanda said...

Reading that post was about the most exciting thing that's happened so far in my day, but I do admit it was pretty funny. I'm road-rage-crazy too. Though I don't flip people off, I just make up new combinations of swear words to yell at them... yet another reason my life is so much easier being car-free.