Wednesday, September 17, 2008

vanity fair (again)

Back in the airport this afternoon - and lo and behold the new Vanity Fair was out.

Oh mylanta, I wish I could express how much I love this magazine. I like to go through the whole thing and I fold down pages on the top if they're just things I should come back later and check out (like a website, book etc). And then I fold up corners from the bottom at the start of each article. Flip through the whole magazine - then go through and read each article.

The big article in this issue is all about a bunch of Marilyn Monroe's possessions that were found and photographed. The story of where these items have been since her death was a really interesting story in itself. The items themselves were amazing to see - but at the same time I felt almost guilty looking at them. I mean its her receipts from shopping, bank statements, little notes to people. Stuff I would not want the world to read 46 years after my death. But nonetheless fascinating. There are definitely still a lot of secrets out there.

PS - Vanity Fair, I'd like to work for you. I'll do anything just to be a part of your exquisite magazine. Call me.
PPS - I've realized that I go buy Vanity Fair off the shelf every month - when for three months $ I can just get a subscription. Done. What does this mean for you? I'll probably ramble about this magazine more now.

Photo from Vanity Fair ("Monroe, photographed in Korea by a U.S. Army corporal in 1954.")

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BrittanyM said...

I love Vanity Fair. Its the only mag that I thought was worth getting 2 year subscription for. You will LOVE it!!