Monday, September 8, 2008

the hills

Blah - two episodes this week and they were both pretty boring. I really hope these girls (and by these girls I mean Lauren) are being so dramatic for the TV show. I feel sorry for Whitney sometimes, its like her entire days seem to be filled with Lauren whining (although then I realize how freaking amazing Whitney's job is and I stop feeling sorry for her and turn green with jealousy). Can I say - and I realize that I'm going to sound crazy here - but JustinBobby seems so much better this season doesn't he? Although looks like thats shortlived.
Audrina - call me, lets be friends. I'll go to weird concerts and bob my head and I'll even wear waterproof mascara.

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patpat said...

Is it just me or does Lauren look really comical crying black tears? I don't know if I'm being insensitive but I've always thought that it was a bit odd. Nice blog by the way! Are you a wedding planner?