Monday, October 13, 2008

flower update

So here's what I'm searching for...and this is really just me thinking out loud.
Most of all, I'd like some feedback. We're working with 9" tall 3-4" square opening vases. I need to create 70 centerpieces.

We're including the story of Sadoko and the thousand paper cranes in our program, it ties into the theme behind the event. Therefore, we're planning on using paper cranes in the centerpieces. I think these could work in a variety of ways. Wire - or maybe using a branch of some sort. I actually think with option D it could be cool to just have them tied to very basic balsa sticks from a craft store coming up out of the cluster.

Trying to stick with reds, oranges and golds. I'm also trying to keep the look very simple to compliment the cranes - kind of an sculptural, Asian feel.

A- Cluster of hypernicum berries. Love that its an unexpected texture - and the colors are perfect. Could be accented/filled with some grasses.
Image and flowers here.

B - Fiji Mums (suggested by fabulous reader Courtney) We would do three of these per vase. Again could use the grass.
Image and flowers here.

C- Birds of Paradise. We would only do one stem per vase, but I think they could be really dynamic and simple. Broken record - grass could be used in an interesting way with these as well.
Image and flowers here.

D - the wildcard...and I'm hesitant but also kind of excited by this one. I'm a carnation hater. But when tons of them are used in a really tight cluster...I think they become interesting. We could have (afford) 10 in a vase (is that enough?) I think we'd do either all red or all gold.
Image from here. Flowers from here.

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