Sunday, October 12, 2008

love poems

So I've been reading this book a few pages at a time every night. Love Poems by God, Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West by Daniel Ladinsky. A collection of poems from twelve different historical, spiritual writers. I really like the way some of these writers look at God.

I have an interesting relationship with religion. Husband says maybe I don't have religion, I just have faith. I was raised in a Methodist church and fundamentally believe along the lines they teach. However - I cannot say that someone who was raised Buddist or BaHai are 'wrong' for what they believe. Who's to say their version of how this whole world works isnt right - and I'm wrong? Or what if (and most likely) none of us are 'right'?

I'm generally just confused and open to the idea that we're all doing ok as long as we're doing the best we can to be a good person.

A lot of these poems, written a really long time ago, seem to share that theme. That the particulars don't necessarily matter as much as the basics - most importantly love.

Thought I'd share some of my favorites every once in a while. Starting with this one, short and sweet, by St. Thomas Aquinas.

One may never have heard the sacred word "Christ,"
but be closer to God than a priest or nun.


Heather from the bar said...

Love that quote :)

Courtney said...

Alissa- I completely relate. This is such a struggle for me too.

I do not feel someone else is wrong for what they believe. Most especially someone is who is a good person; it doesn't fit with my concept of a loving god. My concept doesn't exactly fit with my "religion," however.