Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i need to shop

Seriously. I graduated from school a few years ago and bought this whole wardrobe of clothes for work. And I'm still wearing the majority of this wardrobe more than three years later. I swear everything I own has holes, is ripped or faded (or doesn't fit but that's another issue).
Don't get me wrong, I buy some nice things now and then - sweater from anthro? Tore a hole in the sleeve the other day. Jeans from banana? Ripped once -repaired them -spilled bleach on them...and then ripped them again. I bought this great gray sweatshirt - tucked it into the corner of my closet so I would only wear it on special cozy sweatshirt occasions ... and the air conditioner dripped on it and left an awesome stain. New black boots? Wore them in the snow/salt the day after I bought them and ate huge holes in the leather.

The soles of my favorite flats are falling off. I honestly have to look rather ragamuffin walking into the office everyday - especially considering I wear like the same four outfits over and over.

I need to shop. For inexpensive things that I wont be bummed about when I ruin - because I will. Also, I should lose a few pounds - and that would at least throw a few pairs of faded pants back in the rotation right?

Frustrating. I'm making a shopping list.


beanica said...

you have a trading company near you? buffalo exchange of crossroads? im going to unload some stuff there for store credit, it's nice, cause i cannot for the life of me buy reg. priced clothes.

Amanda said...

I'm feeling you there. The fiance and I are huge hermits lately so I stopped caring about buying clothes and looking cute going out. Combine that with a little weight gain= no desire to shop. But, I am getting a little ragged. I need to make a beeline to Anthro sales rack, Tar-jet, and the thrift store ASAP.

nicole said...

i hear you! every couple years i buy a bunch of stuff and then wear it all until it's all falling apart at the same time and "i have nothing to wear! i hate my clothes! wah!"

often a trip to target and marshalls is the cure!

Julia said...

I feels good to have fresh new clothes. It's so easy to forget to do that for yourself. As a temporary fix, I raid my sister's closet. I've also been invited to a couple of clothing swaps..which is a nice way to change your wardrobe without hurting your wallet. Your friends get to pick thru what you don't want and vice versa!