Thursday, October 9, 2008

thank you thursday

So I'm traveling for work - a typical night traveling is getting done with meetings around 5 - heading to the hotel...going to dinner with the group until 9ish and then killing some time watching awesomely bad tv for a while. Well tonight we got done around 4:30 and everyone decided to do their own thing for dinner. So here I am in this city I don't really know with lots of time to burn.
Wouldn't you know my hotel is right next to the mall? So I started chipping away at the wardrobe issue with a quick trip to the Gap - black cardigan - check. Stopped at Pancheros for dinner (turns out those are much better at 3am after the bar)... and now I'm back at the hotel for the most fabulous night of television and I have nothing to do but sit here and watch it. And tell you all about it.
Kath & Kim
The Office
Greys Anatomy

Gracias world.


Polka Dot Ponies said...

Aren't Grey's and The Office on at the same time...?

alissa said...

yeah i realized that...