Thursday, November 20, 2008

dammit analeigh

You're cute as a button. Everyone loved your photos and you had it in the bag.
But then you couldnt memorize your commercial. And there it went - the entire possibility of this crappy season of ANTM having a decent ending.
I was so bummed when she was kicked off. I wasn't a fan of McKey or Samantha - bleah to the fashion show. Analeigh would've rocked it. What a bummer!

And wtf was Tyra wearing at the end?

Sorry I'm a little harsh. ANTM was my one break last night in a gazillion hour study session. And now the test is tminus 3 hours away. I'm a little jittery. And I probably should be getting back to the final review...

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Kim said...

GOOD LUCK! Do great and get it over with so we cna start our new venture in the blogosphere! :)