Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here's a little more on Dido's latest (sorry - blogger is acting weird and wont let me embed the video. links are not very attractive)

Dido released 11 short films (one for each song on the record) directed by independent film makers from throughout the world. Those can be seen here. I've only seen two so far but they're really neat.

“Don't Believe in Love” Video Stream:


Amanda said...

ANTM could have only been worse if Samantha had won. McKey was ok. Annaleigh- the best.

That's it. I'm boycotting!

Courtney said...

I watched four of the videos, and they were so interesting! The moods of the videos fit perfectly with the songs too. Thanks for sharing.

Also, I hope the studying has gone well this week; good luck on the exam!