Sunday, November 23, 2008

what a figure you have

Grace went to the vet this morning and is proud to announce that she has lost one pound. Which brings her to a fabulous 16lb 2oz - only twice her ideal weight. She's also like to announce that shes freaking hungry.

She celebrated with this photo shoot.
Happy 600th post!


Courtney said...

LOL. Yay for Grace.

This sounds like our oldest dog- while, he's not twice his ideal weight, he can't seem, or we can't get him, to lose about 10 extra pounds! Even since we've cut back his food. And he's always starving (so he claims!)

Polka Dot Ponies said...

Congrats on the Grace front! Chance is still trying to gain about a Grace and a half.

Tina said...

congratulations grace! look at you all cute in that picture, I'd love to give you a big hug :)

one of my cat (actually mum's cat or family cat) is about 13lbs, we adpoted her 3 years ago & named her Panda as she's black & white and also a big girl - big boned my mum claims ;) the vet has said she needs to loose some weight but she sits by her bow until she gets some food and it's so hard to refuse when she looks at you all cute!