Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the christmas letter

So when I was ten I offered to write the traditional Christmas letter for my mom. I think everyone thought it was pretty cute. Aww what a bad speller she is!

But it became tradition. And I have written the thing every single year since.

I think its kind of a bummer that the Christmas letter tradition is fading. I know its silly, and was originally created when we didn't have blogs, shutterfly, facebook etc etc to keep each other updated on just how many ballet recitals little jane had this year. But I do think they're fun to receive.
The thing is I feel a little old this year. Like I have no ballet recitals to speak of and I'm pretty sure my crappy spelling no longer impresses anyone. At the same time eventually, in the next few years (or seven) I will have ballet recitals to speak of...and it seems kind of a bummer to break the streak.

Plus, there are people that my parents used to keep in touch with that I have in my address book with a note that says "I don't know them, but send them an xmas letter." And wouldn't they be disappointed if they didn't hear what the clan is up to? Actually they'd be like, "thank baby Jesus that the weirdo from the midwest stopped sending letters. I did her mother's hair once in like 1986, you'd think we were cousins or something."

So I'm writing the letter.

Photo by sarah hyndman.


blaine said...

Trust me, your parents friends will love to hear about your family.

Courtney said...

Yay for you writing the letter! Seriously, your parents' friends will love getting it. Some old family friends always send out a family newsletter, written by their daughter, and even though we haven't seen them in years and years, we always love getting their annual update at Christmas!

Katie said...

I read your letter at Carson and Christy's... loved it. So glad you are keeping up with it! :)
Merry Christmas! Katie