Sunday, December 7, 2008

the party

The coat's debut... and the fierce shoes (courtesy of Forever 21. Despite some moral obligations, for me budget+fashion needs = Forever 21) Don't you love my shoe photo shoot on the washer?


Courtney said...

The coat! The shoes! Those bangs (so sassy!) I love the look.

The coat looks gorgeous, and the shoes are fierce- if the hubby didn't agree after thinking it over, I am going with what I said before- sometimes I think guys just don't get it :)

And it's funny b/c your wedding photos are all I have seen of you... so the bangs? They completely took me by surprise. They are fabulous on you though!

Rara said...

You look so great!!! Miss you! said...

Hi Alissa!
I'm so glad you found my blog/boutique. I'm glad you like it =). You have a lovely blog yourself.

I know this is an old post, but cute coat!

Thanks again for visiting!