Wednesday, January 7, 2009

honest scrap

My margarita buddy Kim has given me the Honest Scrap award! I think its because sometimes I'm honest with her about silly things I do (blogging mistake last night for instance).
And I'm scrappy. Or I like scraps. Scrappy scrappy scrappy.

Anyhow, I'm to share 10 things that are truly provoking about myself. I'm not sure these are provoking so much as random and kind of pointless but here we go...

1. I decided to go 3 weeks straight without drinking (Kim my last drink was that margarita!) I'm not sure why, I just felt like I had at least one (ok three/four/seven) drinks every day over the holidays. My body requested a break. We're on day 5. of 21. its not going that well.

2. When I need a good pickmeup I read Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts.

3. I'm addicted to Entourage right now. I like Turtle. I hate Johnny Drama.

4. I've never met a plant I couldn't kill within a few weeks.

5. There is a painting of a girl in a bikini in my kitchen.

6. Ok this ones good. I once went to see a play with Matt Damon in it. So after the show we decide to wait outside to see if he leaves and where he goes because were stalkers like that. Well I get bored and two of my friends and I decide to go get ice cream instead of this hullaballoo. The rest of my friends end up in the basement of some bar with Matt Damon and fellow castmembers for the rest of the night. Whatever. My ice cream rocked.

7. I may or may not have fallen asleep on a bus in a foreign city once at about 2 am. I woke up out in a really shitty suburb (complete with the dogs barking, chain-link fences, graffiti and some awesome prostitutes and drunk goth kids leaving a scary club) when the bus driver awoke me to say it was the end of the line and I had to get off. I ended up cramming everything of value from my purse in to my underwear (assuming I would be robbed) as I waited like 45 minutes at this stop for a bus going back into the city. While waiting, I called my mom back in the states. There's nothing a mother likes to hear more than her 20 year old daughter is in a situation like this...

8. I really like Britney's womanizer song.

9. I have weird things I feel guilty for that I cant forget about. Like in high school I forgot to invite my cheerleading coach to my graduation party (in small towns this was a big deal). I still feel guilty to this day.

10. I'd like a glass of wine.


Heather from the bar said...

My friends and I took a bus to some random farmers market in London once. It was just a few days after the bombings in the Tube and apparently someone thought they saw a bomb at the next stop. So the driver pulls over and says that we all have to get off the bus. Right there in the middle of this random town that reminded me of san diego right at the border. We walked for like an hour before we saw one of the black cabs drive up.

Katie said...

Wait... you were a cheerleader??? I thought I was the only Kyhl to go to the darkside!

Courtney said...

Ooh, what a fun list! I love Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy too (and funny b/c I mentioned Jack Handy today,) and I'm glad to hear your ice cream rocked :)

While not quite the same, in high school my friends and I had tickets to the first Lilith Fair tour. We arrived early and listened to many performers. Hours later we were very hungry for pizza. Specifically from one place. So we decided to leave because who knew much from that Sarah McLachlan lady anyway...