Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i think its time

to share the most romantic story I know.
there's rain. and accents. and having no regrets.
get excited.

Photo by megn_is.


Courtney said...

Oooh, I am excited! This photo is so beautiful too. Can't wait to hear more!

Tova Darling said...

Thanks for stopping by! Personally, I'm jealous of the mannequin head's sunglasses. :)

I'm looking forward to your story!

Miss H~ said...

Could this be the story that I think it is??? A story from your younger years?? I'm wild with anticipation! :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I like the photo. a lot. :)
Thanks for your wonderful comment, dear. x

MJ. said...

Keep telling us!!
I have a feeling that's gonna be so sweet...it's exactly what I need these days :)

Piper Madison said...

so beautiful! I love it!

kim said...

I'm excited.....bring it on!