Sunday, January 18, 2009


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Saturday a friend and I headed to a local vintage store - we had gotten ourselves really worked up and excited all week... and then were totally let down at the store. Overpriced and hard to look through. Just nothing exciting. So we went to a place we knew we'd find treasure... Banana Republic (who, by the by, is having some freaking amazing sales right now).

There they were. The black heels I've been eyeing for months but just hadn't pulled the trigger on. Basically 1/5 the original price. In my size. Do I feel a little silly that the last three pairs of shoes I've bought were all black and had four inch heels? Yes. But not silly enough to stop me!

Between spending a great day with a friend, good shoe deals, a good night of drinking vino with friends...and then a Sunday spent at the office (ok it can't all be perfect) I had a peach of a weekend.

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Take me with next time!!