Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 things

Can you believe this facebook phenomenon?
I still can't decide what I think of it. Time had an article today that with how many people have responded to that thing that in total American's have spent like 800,000 hours creating these lists.

I have some seriously conspiracy theories about facebook. And this kind of aligns with them.
But regardless, I still can't decide what I think of it.

I saw one new list for 'new mommies' and kind of groaned (just being honest.) I know you don't have to read people's crap. But its facebook so you do. And then you're like wow...we havent spoken since high school but now I know how long you were in labor, what drugs you had and who watched as you gave birth. Sometimes you kind of wish you could un-read things.

If I had to guess,, I think facebook is going to get all creeped out like myspace and everyone will quit ... until some new site pops up.

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Tina said...

i understand what you mean, it was quite interesting at the begining being nosy to what people are doing these days but i rarely log on to it these days

have a fab weekend! x