Thursday, February 5, 2009

its the perfect time of day

I think my chunk is coming back. Here's why:

1. The flower bulb I planted in December and placed in the window is about to bloom big time. I've never kept a plant alive more than one week - so this is big. I feel like I'm about to give birth to a big badass red flower.

2. In a few days, my camera is returning from shitonySony (once its here and working I will not longer harbor my angst against them). But I feel so lost without it. How do I capture my little peachy happy things? Its like they called today and said they're sending my arm back.

3. I admitted to myself that I'm very bummed about my brother's move to Japan. Like more bummed than I should be but it all relates and yada yada. I'm bummed. And it has to be ok to be bummed sometimes.

4. I'm starting to realize how few people there are in my world that I am actually comfortable around - that I am really 100% myself. And as I realize that I'm trying to make that group bigger. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. But just having that realization...I think thats chunk talking.

Anyway, this is very random. But I'm feeling more like me again.
I just thought you should know.

Photo from littlesilverboxes.

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Katie said...

In response to #4, I had that realization about a year ago. I realized that while I had known hubby's friends for 7 years, I still edited everything I said around them and still felt/feel that I have to. That left about 2 of my friends, my husband, and my parents that I could count on my list. It was shocking and depressing.