Monday, March 30, 2009


as in someone who romps.

or this item of clothing.

I tried one on tonight at Forever 21 and I actually kind of liked it. But I couldn't pull the trigger. Partially because I wish they were called something other than rompers. I'm considering going back and getting it (which is a joke because when can you ever find something in Forever 21 twice?).

It was similar to this one from LuLus except that no one was drunk when they cut the neckline so it was a little more symmetrical.

All in all I think its a cute trend. Fun for summer. Very cute with some gladiator sandals, no?
Possibly also a trend I will look back on in 6 months and make fun of.
What do you think?


Marie-Eve said...

I think it is gorgeous and relaxed, beautiful in a dark jeans color, and with this cord belt. You gave me the idea to getting one for me, for summer.

Hanako66 said...

I think that they are really cute and I know that this sounds funny, but I don't think that I would want to wear it out because going potty would be such an issue!

ambika said...

I actually really like the fabric and simple construction of this one. When they're florally and look like oversized overalls, I can't handle it.

& while I like the look, I am not dealing with this myself. The bathroom issue alone is enough reason.

Courtney said...

Ha! So, I did buy a romper from Forever 21 a couple months ago... and I've yet to wear it! I think I rushed into the whole thing because I was loving rompers, found one that fit at F21 (not always something I find since I am a tad curvier than their average clientele) and thought exactly what you said- when do you ever find something there twice? Plus at F21 it was something I could justify since it is likely that I would never wear it past this year (it could be a very short lived trend!) I intended to wear with tights, but just never pulled the right outfit together. I hate when that happens.

Anyways! I do love the trend (despite so many people hating it!) and think it would be great for summer with some gladiator sandals. The bathroom issue though would surely be annoying though...

kristena marie said...

Um, that is totally cute. Absolutely. I would wear it, though I don't know how fellow Tulsans would respond. :)

Pretty Little World said...

I bought a super cute cotton romper, but I have yet to wear it out - I can't quite figure out the right way to accessorize it - I'm hopeful though!