Monday, March 30, 2009


Have you ever participated in a clothing swap before?

Photo by .mishka.


{amy lynn} said...

yup. once..and i'd do it again. my bff came to visit last october and i adored her shoes...she loved my we traded. said maybe someday we would swap back..or maybe not.

i still have the shoes and i don't miss the purse.

Hanako66 said...

no...good idea though

Meghan said...

I've been trying to organize a clothing swap with my girlfriends for the past few weeks... but it's hard to pick a date that works for everyone! I love the idea though, and hope we can settle on a date soon. My only advice is to have a good system for disputes, in case 2 or more people want the same item.

Thanks for visiting my little blog, and leading me to your lovely space over here! xoxo

LoveMore said...

oh i mst say i haven't but my friends and i often lend eachother clothes on bulk - bt i have some friends who i would NEVER ask to borrow from..i like here take 10 dresses and love them to death! if they aren't worn i would be offended..haha bt that is just me!
i think i want to organise a clothing swap sesh now! good one :)

PS - jacket sent!! woot woot. xxx bel

Roberta Jane said...

I haven't been to one but they are certainly popping up everywhere! I am interested...