Wednesday, April 15, 2009

anouk tosserams

I think I've watched this like 18 times - model Anouk Tosserams from Amsterdam singing Norah Jones. You really have to feel for this girl, I mean beautiful model with an awesome voice? Via Fashion Copious.
-I agree with your comments! Its kind of out of tune, kind of posey- but i sort of like that about it - or why am kind of fascinated by it.


Sara said...

pretty voice! How old is she? 12?!

Sara said...

Have to admit she's hit some wrong notes here (not that I know what I am talking about...) but having a (jazz/blues/funk)singer boyfriend..I think it's acquired.

Sara said...

The voice is sweet! But I'm kinda not sure about the attitude.. seems a little stuck up to me?

LoveMore said...

she is sooooo pretty! i have no idea what makes a good voice good though? but better than i could do! haha she is sooo pretty. i want her face now. she is very posey though..haha

hope you are well gorgeous!

xxx bel

Hanako66 said...