Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wake up

Every Spring I love this feeling of everyone coming out of hibernation. All of the sudden there are happy hours and events and sustainable movie series and First Fridays and baseball games and fashion shows and volunteering and just sitting outside in the sun.

Everyone wakes up and is ready to get out and about and have a fabulous time. What are you looking forward to?

Photo from here.


drollgirl said...

this is such a killer shot!!! spring is nice except for allergies! i am looking forward to reading magazines on the deck and bbqing. and i am stoked that artichokes are in season. yum. i could eat them every day.

Hanako66 said...

I love eating outside:)

clorivak said...

I am starting to feel more alive because its spring and its grand! Me and my bf have plans to take my kitties for a walk in the woods this weekend..haha. I am very excited for bbq's, dresses and nature walks. and oh yeah...outdoor parties are always the bestest too!

aimee said...

oh, yes, me too. it's wonderful to see everyone outside and enjoying life in the open!