Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are the worst smells in the world (in my personal opinion) :
catered bbq
bacon cooking
eggs cooking

I'm smelling one of the above right now and its really putting a damper on the afternoon.

Another damper? The US Post Office and the woman who visits the post office for (apparently) the first time in her whole life and takes 20 minutes with the one and only employee that has not decided that 12:10pm is an ideal time to take a break (when there are 16+ people in line waiting).

Please feel free to share your stinky winners.


Blair said...

Oh no! Sorry about the smells and the post office. I think my least favorite smell is rotten onions! It is just so hard to cover up. Hope your day improves!

blaine said...

Boy, you can sure tell you're a vegetarian! My Mom feels the same way about the bbq and the bacon...I on the otherhand love the smell of meat cooking...especially bacon! But I agree with you about the eggs and sauerkraut!

Jake Hammell said...

My mouths waters at bacon. But the worst smell is this stench or burning hair, grease, fat, and blood. Pretty gruesome. Count yourself lucky if you've never had to experience it. It definitely smells just as bad as you think it would. Plus it's one of those scarring smells that stays in your nose for days.


The Socialite said...

I actually kind of like those Minus eggs cooking! I totally hate Liver & onions though?!

drollgirl said...

sadly at work my desk is VERY NEAR to the bathroom. so i get to hear all the flushing and other fun activity that happens in el bano, and then i get to smell it before anyone else. yay.

Pop Champagne said...

ohh those are bad smells, it would make me feel so greasy.

Hanako66 said...

I like bacon and bbq smells!!

kim said...

If you had my carpet in your office, you wouldn't be smelling those nasty odors.

Wow, I totally just did a sales pitch on your blog. I have gone over the edge Alissa. Over. The. Edge.

I hate the smell of re-heated salmon or tilapia. Gross.

clorivak said...

hmmm...really, really strong coffee breath of people i don't know makes me gag,stinky cheesy smelling feet..i've smelt some nasty foot odor in my day that has stunk up a whole room,tripe-some people feed it to their dogs..i could go on and on...i've had the pleasure of smelling a lot of disgusting stuff throughout the years.
p.s.- i loved reading all your answers below..i'm in a bit of a rush so couldn't respond. but the baba ganoush cracked me up hardcore, thats what i was going for with my question..hehe...i used to be obsessed with that word from hearing it from MXC, that japanese game show.

Awesome Sara said...

This is such a cool blog! thanks for the kind thoughts on my job loss.

Eeli said...

haha I detest the smell of cooking bacon and eggs too but mainly because I am a vegan lol.

Besides the obvious of doo-doos and vomit though? hmmmm........ I'd have to say a pretty damn unpleasant smell has to be the fruit Durian. Its a Malaysian delicacy and to reveal the extent of the smell to you it was featured on FEAR FACTORS' second round of yucky foods contestants need to consume lol. ICCCCCK!!! :*(

Sara said...

Cabbage cooking,
cauliflower cooking,
Lamb cooking,
Lentil soup as it cooks as well,
and a variety of french cheeses!
You want non-food ones as well? hehe

Anonymous said...

Ummm I think the poos that my cats do :P they are really bad.

I also hate the smell of nail salons.

aimee said...

i am with you on the post office!