Sunday, April 12, 2009

the weekend

I'm enjoying documenting random daily things with photos...

Visited ReRuns again this Saturday, kind of fell in love with just looking at the old labels. Did find three treasures - a navy blazer who's sleeves are perfectly a few inches too short, a purple skirt (this photo doesn't do the color justice - its like I skinned Barney) and... the most amazing sequined black vest. It was in the 60s room (the store is divided by decades) but it looks more 80s to me. It was one of those items that I saw and immediately starting picturing outfits. Husband saw it and was frightened.

Drank some yummy wine and made some homemade guacamole.

And my little diy project. First off - I saw this on a blog and saved it in my favorites...and can't find it. So if this is from you or you know where its from please let me know, I'd like to give credit! That being said, I liked the idea of this simple leather bracelet. I grabbed the leather and a clasp I thought would work. Stitching through that leather was much harder than I thought (managed to stick the needle in my thumb more than once...which kind of ruined the bracelet when I didn't realize I was bleeding). Also wishing I had used black leather. But it was fun just to get a little crafty.

Update - I found it! This great bracelet idea was from - check it out here! And thank you!


clorivak said...

Oh wow..that store looks so wicked! dammit,i wish we had one here! I agree about the old labels...I adore them too.
that really makes me want to make some jewelery..all i wear is the odd ring, so'd be special to make your own bracelet or necklace.

Joann said...

You so have to show me that vest you've got. I want a crazy gorgeous vest nowwwww hahaha. Anyhoos, that's some wicked yet simple leather bracelet you've got there!

drollgirl said...

so cute! i love it!!!!

i am trying to figure out where to buy a leather necklace that is similar to the bracelet you made. i know it sounds awful, but i am picturing how great it would look to offset some cool gladiators i bought.

one little simitopian said...

Oh how I love old labels! Cute bracelet too :)
Ooh- guacamole! Om nom nom nom

Hanako66 said...

what a cool bracelet...awesome DIY!

chelsea said...

yummy! I am sort of obsessed with avocados:)

Apt. #34 said...

that bracelet is so fun! i want one now :)