Saturday, April 11, 2009

ketchup popsicle

Feeling fantastic.
-Just got done working out (trying to make up for the...ahem five...workouts I skipped during the week?)

-Heading back to ReRuns -I'm determined to find treasure!

-Working on a little diy project, crossing my fingers for an awesome outcome.

-Cleaning the kitchen for my hot date with Kim tonight.

Do you ever have days where you kind of look forward to hanging out with yourself? Not being by yourself - but like my mind was literally like 'hey you, lets be buddies and chill together.'

I love that for every time you have a bummed out, kind of lost day - you can have an equally positive, inspired and ambitious one!

If you want, you can pretend you're Tommy Boy and say 'Hey everybody, its Tony Robbins!'


kim said...

Yay for date night with moi! I'm so excited for intellectual conversation. Or, you know, something like that...

Cassiopeia said...

woo for hanging out with oneself! :-D hope u have fun! DIY rocks!


Maggie May said...

aw tommy boy is so funny! hi :)

LoveMore said...

love that movie! have fun with your friend love and looking forward to seeing DIY!!!! :)

xxxx love bel

one little simitopian said...

Yay for hanging out with yourself!I do that a lot :)
Oooh...DIY project you say? You must post the finished results!!!

drollgirl said...

LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! and i hang out a lot on my own. nothing wrong with that, so go for it!!