Thursday, June 4, 2009

from around

I'm traveling tonight and very sleepy, so I'm posting some of my favorites from around our little blogging world...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Each week, you trade 5 days for 2.
That doesn't sound right to me.
(a blog that consistently makes me smile, cry
and/or believe its written by some higher power
whispering little messages to me.)
New spread from Painfully Hip
(always lovely.)
Photo shoot of Allie Crandell in Nylon via LoveMore
(enjoying her more as a model than a character on The City.)
Interior image by James Merrell via Luphia Loves
(who finds fabulous beauties on a daily basis.)


one little simitopian said...

Wow. Thanks so much for telling us about "I wrote this for you"! I will definitely be reading it from now on!
Happy travels!

Athena. said...

Wow, these are beautiful.

Amber said...

These are lovely. I love that top picture. the colours and atmosphere is lovely. Have a good sleep!

Sara said...

I felt that this very I wrote this for you post was talking to me. Telling me to quit my job.

Hanako66 said...

oh I love these photos

The Socialite said...

Great pics especially the first one!

Slices of Beauty... said...

All lovely especially the first one!

Kristin said...

That second shot is amazing!

drollgirl said...

hey! since you like them, i bet i will, so i am going to go check them out!

hope you get lots of good rest and that you are not working too hard! :)

Anonymous said...

Awh wow ....I absolutely love that interior picture!

Aline said...

Your pics made me get away from my routine for a few minutes...a plesant change of scenery!thanks