Thursday, August 27, 2009

the concrete catwalk

I'm totally excited to share Kansas City's very own street style blog (and one of my favorites!) with you- The Concrete Catwalk! The fabulous chica behind the gig is Jessie (you can also find her here) and she agreed to a little interview with me. dun dun dun
On why she started the whole shabang...
Before I started The Concrete Catwalk, I would always see people with great style around Kansas City, and I would want to run up to them and say “GOOD JOB! You look great!” or “Way to take a risk!!! You nailed it!” (That’s how I came up with the idea for my business cards… I print them by hand by typing them on my vintage typewriter and on one side they say ‘We think you’re cool’ and on the other side is my web address.)

I gain a lot of my own fashion inspiration from blogs and glossies, but I noticed that after I moved here I started incorporating a lot of “local style” into my looks. What better way to encourage fellow fashionistas in my city, than by photographing and posting them for all of the blog world to see! I started TCC as a way to encourage creativity and celebrate the style of my community. It has been such a fun experience so far and I have met so many wonderful people in the process!
And the very important questions...
How long you've been photographing for Concrete Catwalk: 3 months
Biggest fashion inspiration: RachelBilson/SiennaMiller/CamillaBelle/mysweetfriendGigi (yousaidonewordanswersdoesthiscount?)
Hardest part of street style shots: Asking if I can take a photo!
Favorite flavor of popsicle: tangerine
Kansas City fashion is: emerging
You could live in any city in the world: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (but only for a few years)
Favorite accessory: Huge cocktail rings. Lots of ‘em.
Breakfast of choice: Spinach-fruit-and-soy smoothie and a poached egg on toast
Glitter - yes or no: Si, senorita!
Pets: Sadie the pup and Zoe the cat
Favorite person named Alissa in the whole wide world: YOU!

OK, she may have added that last question - but you know, I wanted to keep it authentic so I left it in:) I can definitely see why the hardest part would be coming up to people and asking if you can take their picture - but I'm glad she does it. I'm so pumped that someone is showing off the fabulous fashionistas (and fashionistos? is that the male version?) around our city!


Lily G. said...

what a great concept!

Jill Pilgrim said...

Dude, that is awesome!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I think that is a totally awesome idea, way to go Jessie. I'll be checking out The Concrete Catwalk for sure. I love individuality celebrated.
thanks for the link, fav Alissa person!

The Curious Cat said...

I agree - such a great idea! Someone should do it in the UK! xxx

LiLu said...

Hahaha! That last question is classic. ;-)

Amy Jo said...

I'm so excited to check out The concrete Catwalk...thanks for the link!

Have a great weekend :)

Aubrey said...

Awesome. I have another new blog to follow ;)

GiGi said...

sooo proud of her for getting this started! and I am blushing like a tranny for the compliment!

you are one, talented super stylish lady, Ms. Jess, and I adore you!!

Kristin said...

Such a fabulous idea. I wish someone would do it around here, although I don't know how much viable material there is. I jest. Sort of.

meaghan briscoe said...

Yeah! I am so glad you two are friends, I just knew you would love each other.

Elizabeth Marie said...

How cool! I'm going to add it to my list of stalkings.

Also? That girl in the top right? Kinda want to BE HER. Weird? Nahhhhh.


Gabby said...

That's so cool! Great interview, I'll check her blog out!

Clorivak said...

Nice! I love seeing street styles from all over. Kansas City has got some fine and divine looks. I must go there and eat some delish food and gawk.

Indiana Adams said...

I love street style posts/ blogs. And she's absolutely right: it IS hard asking to take a photo! I've got to do more Austin street style posts. I've got to get out there more and work on my nerves! :0)

Theresa A. Cooper said...

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