Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think Halloween really needs to be embraced this year because its on a Saturday night. Which means that it will be like 7 more years before its on a Saturday night again. At which point I will possibly be past the age where I want to dress up and fill my evening with parties/crowded bars of hoochie costumes etc.
So lets live it up lovahs.
What are you dressing up as?
This summer Husband throws out this amazing idea: Bill and Sookie from TrueBlood for Halloween. Its a fairly easy one (hes tall with dark hair and I'm blonde) and the supply list was short:
-Merlotte's waitress tshirt
-fake blood for holes in my neck
-a little white makeup to make Husband pale
-and the most important component: the fangs

Check...check...check... uh the fangs. SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. This may come as a surprise, but apparently vampires are a popular costume this year.

At this point we have a party in less than 24 hours and we're fang-less. Our fault for waiting until the last minute for a costume we've had planned for months. So its looking like back to the drawing board.
And you realize this means I'm pulling out the Lady Gaga costume.


Anonymous said...

If you do wear a lady gaga costume I so want to see it!

Saltina said...

I am so bummed for the lack of fangs! Your idea sounds so perfect for you two. Don't give up! Not going to be anything really except silver and sparkly. Going to a Psycho symphony. Ha!

She's crafty, and she's just my type. said...

they had fangs at my local Walgreens...

Inspiration in Italy said...

Oh I love the Lady Gaga idea and I'm now a follower!

I'm so sorry you could not see the photos on my blog - a few others said the same thing :( Next time I think I will upload them differently to avoid that happening again!

Baci baci xx

Paulina said...

I love the bill compton sookie stackhouse idea, the husband an I talked about it too, but i have short blonde pixie hair, so a would need a wig. haha. so sad fangs are sold out!! well at least you have lady gaga!

PS: I am loving your nyc photos!!!

Felicia said...

Shoot! That's a great costume idea!!! I bet you could fashion together some fangs with items from the fabric/arts & crafts store!!

Clorivak said...

Well at least you got some good backup lady! I do hope you find the fangs...I love cute couple costumes.
I am sad to say I will not being going out as anything this year. This is the first in a long time.we don't really have friends here yet where we've moved and I don't feel like going to bars infested with really loud,obnoxious college kids and skankified chicks.

btw you never did tell who your fav antm is?!

drollgirl said...

fangs are sold out?!?!? bogus!!!

well, the lady gaga get up is an excellent alternative! and i hope you BOTH go as lady gaga. PLEASE!

Hanako66 said...

more gaga...more gaga!

lol drollgirl