Thursday, January 21, 2010

you're basically fabulous

Thank you so much on the input for the cream dress! I really appreciate it. Can you maybe come sit in my closet everyday while I get ready? Not in a creepy way - in a great-taste decision making way.
I'm going to leave the dress cream and pair it with black tights+heels+little sweater and a biiiig fat stack of gold/black/pearl bracelets. sound ok? I loved Hermia's idea of the blazer, but Im perfect-black-blazer-less so the cardi will have to suffice (unless I make it out for a little shopping between now and then!).

Speaking of closets - I love this shot:
But the reality is that my closet looks more like this:


Flowers by Max Attenborough via Desire to Inspire. Closet via Audrey Hepburn Complex


Tori said...

i adore flowy crisp fabrics. they make me want to jump in daffodils

COCAMIA said...

I love the image of the very neat, clean and crisp organization of this closet! The fabrics are very romantic!

chicknamedhermia said...

I have my heart set on a lovely grey blazer with a satin lining I saw!!! It's perfect!
Oh or black sequined blazer....yummy!

Clorivak said...

I need more romantic clothes like this..too pretty. a structured vintage blazer would look adorable with that flowy cream dress.

This Lovely City said...

You're going to look fabulous! Take photos xo

Have a wonderful weekend!