Thursday, May 6, 2010

this old casa : bathroom

So I'm brainstorming on a bathroom tonight. I realize its a little random that the only two spaces I've really talked about from our new pad is the closet and a bathroom. But as our morning routine is still in scrambles, these are both a big priority.

So we have a master bathroom - yeah! - but its kind of the teeniest bathroom ever and perfect for one - and only one - person to get ready in the morning. When both of us attempt to be in the bathroom at the same time it gets a little clown-car-esque. I volunteered to hop across the hall in the mornings and claim the second bathroom as my own. The fact that it had a clawfoot bathtub in no way influenced this decision.

Said bathroom is currently missing a few items to make it function (towel bars, shower curtain, little storage etc) and I'm determined to not run out and buy/install these items without a little master planning of what I envision for this guy in the future.

So I went interior-designer-dork-out and created a quick sketchup model of the bathroom. The black and white checkered floor needs to stay put (no intention of moving a very old radiator and equally old iron tub). The walls are currently wallcovering that's been painted (sin of sins)... that is on top of another layer of wallcovering. Deep down beneath there should be plaster somewhere. The sink and oval mirror were put up for a shorty and I'd like to at least raise the mirror...and replace the glass shades of the sconces (currently a marbley-brown).

Part of me wants to get white on white with this hoochie- white subway tile wainscot w/ a clean white above. I keep wondering though if this isn't the perfect room to throw a little color in? Maybe that wall behind the tub and toilet should be a full height tile accent wall? Someday when we have munchkin mini-human children this will be their bathroom and I think they would appreciate a little color.

Truly this bathroom keeps coming to mind - love the irony on my comment about the checker floor- but I worry about using color that strong. In 2022 I'll be wondering who was nuts enough to let me tile my bathroom kelly green. Maybe my mini-humans would prefer an intense blue. Red makes it a 50's diner bathroom. Can't do yellow or orange because I'm allergic.
So I need a gameplan.
So that I can buy a shower curtain.
So that my husband and I can regain a little morning sanity.

Thoughts? Great bathroom inspiration you want to send this-a-way?

PS. its ok if you're judging the fact that this is one of the longest posts I've ever written and its regarding a bathroom.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

I agree, in 2022 you might not be digging the green so much. lol!

I personally love white bathrooms with natural wood shelving etc. You can always bring in some color with towels and accessories if you want. What ever you decide I am sure it will be fantastic!

Meghan said...

I agree - as you said, you can never have too much white and dress it up with some fun colors!

Kitty Stampede said... called it hoochie.
i got nothing...caught me at a bad time, but if i see something i will send it your way. good`ll come together...not to worries. ;) do keep us is an important decision, understand.

Rhianne said...

I love that you made a sketchup model of it - I would have done exactly the same thing :)

I love the idea of white with white... maybe the shower curtain and whatever you cover the window could be colourful with a gorgeous mirror and accessories?

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