Monday, June 21, 2010

my favorite weather

is where you could wear a jacket and shorts
and be perfectly comfortable.
it is not that weather here.


kelly ann said...

that outfit is PERFECT. that lovely yellow jacket with the white peeking out at the bottom... and the rolled cuff shorts. BAAAH. so pretty!! i want it. ;)

rachel rianne said...

i think the exact same thing every day when i get dressed.
then i just start thinking...
gah i can't stand to wear anything more than a dress!
it's so dagnabit hot! doesn't help that all the fashion photos online
are of people in paris and milan and stockholm, etc
where this outfit would be possible all summer long.
blahh humid midwest.

Kristin said...

Here either! Guess we need to live in Cali huh? HA!

Monique said...

That does sound nice. lol

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Yes, perfect weather and a perfect outfit!