Thursday, February 3, 2011

black walls

I'm not afraid of black walls. In fact, we love our charcoal dining room so much I think we're going to expand the 'coal to a cozy nook upstairs. Put it on the painting list...

Unfortunately/fortunately I am taking a big exam this April (I'm glad I'm doing it, just not really excited for the prep!) and have decided to put all house projects on hold until after. For my sanity (in-the-works-projects make me feel unsettled) and for my passing exam grade:) Girl needs to study!


drollgirl said...

i think the dark, rich backdrop is positively delicious! i love it!

Holt House B and B said...

Love that look, especially with the white woodwork. I have a charcoal gray bedroom in my 1884 octagon house, white woodwork.