Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the snow came

Like most of the Midwest, we were buried under lots of snow this week (although it sounds like we were blessed with only 10 inches compared to some other areas!) Luckily we have some adventure buddies equipped with 4-wheel drive that were able to make it over for a blizzard-sledding-excursion last night (followed by tasty beverages and warm pizza of course.)

By this morning the wind and snow had stopped, the sun was making an appearance and we were ready to start digging ourselves out. Unfortunately we're barely out of the single digits for temperatures and its supposed to keep dropping over the next few days!
She's either stir-crazy or getting used to the snow, but Harlow started jumping through shoulder-high - or higher - drifts in search of her squirrels.
After I came to terms with needing new boots last week, I decided to stick with tradition and get a new pair of classic Sorels (growing up in Colorado my family looked like page from the Sorel catalog every winter.) Luckily they arrived just in time!
If you're also in the middle of this crazy weather I hope you're safe and warm! And if you're someplace warm and sunny near a beach...can I come stay with you?


Meghan said...

Aww! Cute little pic of Harlow. I hope you are staying warm! It's definitely been crazy here in Chicago - but I did make it out this AM for coffee:)

Kitty Stampede said...

I am in your boat, darling!
We got a storm today and I WANT MORE!!! haha...I love the snow (the look of it anyways) but hate the cold. Harlow is so cute.


I love Sorel boots, they are so ADORABLE and all the rage right now. I love their look + they are fabulous for the winter months. Eeek. and your doggy is sooo cute, love that little plaid coat.

Dianna said...

I love the pic of Harlow, so adorable. And, your boots are great. No snow here in sunny So Cal.

drollgirl said...


Fashionably Learning To Be said...

Harlow is adorable! I love my wee Chiuaha....but a Westie or Scottie dog are definitely my next in line favorites.

We didn't get too much snow down in Wichita. It just blew around a bunch to create nasty drifts 1 - 2 feet high in places!